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Pazin is the central town in Istria and the seat of Istrian County. Pazin's favourable traffic and geographic position has spurred the development of transit tourism. Pazin has been developed from town of craftsman and businessman to the modern industry city. The town also disposes of natural and social attractions which have given rise to excursion tourism, and hunting tourism.

The entography museum is located on the castle. It the museum we can find Istria’s bells from 14th – 20th century. The memorial of Freadom is reminding events from the second war.

The Pazin’s cave is the most beautiful national formation. The abyss represents a unique natural monument, a specific hydrographical and morphologic phenomenon of the Istrian karst landscape. The perpendicular fall of the abyss exceeds 130 m. The old part of the town, Kastel, has been built on a hill about 130 m in the 9th century. The first information about castle is from the epoch of Otta II. The castle is still in good condition. They did remodelling in 13th and 15th century, and that is how the castle looks like today. Another important architect building is the church of St. Nikola, build in the year 1266. (With a mural of unknown painter from 15th century)

Pazin - interior of St. Mikuláš church
Pazin - museum of bells


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